Outrageous Creators #38663

Invited to the Myrtle Beach
Open Invitational in South Carolina

We are the Outrageous Creators, 38663 from Oak Creek, Wisconsin. We are an all eighth grade team that consists of nine team members, two coaches and one high school mentor. Our team is a very diverse group of students. In fact, our teammates fluently speak 5 different languages.

When we built our robot, we were challenged with the idea of making the most simple, compact and durable robot we could. To achieve this goal we used a single attachment, 3 light sensors and a multitude of support beams to make sure our robot is strong. Our robot can complete the following missions: The Crane, Bridge, ColorBlock Circles, Traffic Jam, Swing, Innovative Architecture and Safety Factor. We received 2nd place in robot competition during both regionals and sectionals and then received 12th place during state.

Our project is based around the problem that in the Oak Creek- Franklin School District, there isn’t an engaging and safe environment for middle school students with disabilities to reduce their energy and have fun outside. To combat this issue we designed an all inclusive playground focusing on the stimulation of the senses. We also had a lot of fun reaching out to a variety of people to let them hear our solution. We take fulfilment in the fact that we got a perfect score on our project judging during the sectionals.

During the City Shaper season we received many awards, however the greatest achievement that was given to us was the friendships and connection that we created. In addition, we received the champions award during regionals, champion runner up award during the sectional and at state we received sixth place overall and were invited to attend the Myrtle Beach Open Invitational in South Carolina. However, FLL is not just about the awards and trophies. It is about getting to experience teamwork and cooperation.

Together we have grown not only academically but as people. Because of each other we have become better people in general. FLL gave us the kind of memories that will last a lifetime. We will always have the pride of knowing that we were the Outrageous Creators.