Laser Brick Builders #39116

Beyond the Wisconsin Championship

By: Laser Brick Builders team 39116

In this season we had a lot of accomplishments. Some of our accomplishments included, the Champions Award at Regionals, the Innovation and Strategy award at Sectionals, and the Robot Performance Award at State. When we were at the State Competition we got 3rd overall and would have gone to a Razorbacks Invitational in Arkansas. We teamed up with the BrickBusters and we talked about all the competitions and it helped get us to the point where we could go to Arkansas. One of our team members named Kyle is going to FTC this year!!  Our eam’s favorite missions were the bridge and the crane.  As you can see we had a great time this season and everyone helped us get to state. We also had many obstacles and awards! We loved the 2019-2020 City Shaper!!!

Our Team

Kyle: Kyle was part of the Building portion of robotics and he also helped us with the innovation part of robotics.

Jack: Jack was part of the research, coding, and building.

Cait: Cait was part of the research and coding.

Nemi: Nemi was a coder, and was in core values in robotics, she also helped in research.

Jesella: Jesella was part of the innovation part, coding, research, and building.

Brayden: Brayden was building, research and coding. 

Luca: Luca was in research, and coding. 

Charlie: Charlie was a coder, builder, and a researcher

Drew: Drew was research, core values, and building.

Jacob: Jacob was a builder, partly coder, and innovation.