Featured Teams

The 2019-2020 season had an unusual ending due to COVID-19. The Wisconsin teams which advanced to the World Championship and Open Invitationals were not able to attend their events. We’d like to honor each team below.

NOTE: This page is under construction.

Champion Team
Cyber Turtles #31589
Advanced to the World Festival

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2nd Place Champions
10 Tooth Gear #32206
Advanced to the World Festival

Laser Brick Builders #39116
St. Peters Brick Busters #8631

Advanced to the Razorback Invitational

Outrageous Creators #38663
Advanced to the Carolinas Open Invitational

MegaMinds #2975
Advanced to the Japan Invitational

City Samurai #2593
Advanced to the Japan Invitational

The F.O.U.R. #37441
Their Innovation Project was selected for the Global Innovation Award. They have now advanced to be in the final round! Here is a description of their Innovation Project: In the United States, 21 million houses are infested each year as rodents look for a safe place to nest. Rodent Repelling Housewrap is a first-of-its-kind rodent repelling insulation product that uses ferret pheromones embedded in polyisocyanurate insulation, otherwise known as PIR board. Rodent Repelling Housewrap does not harm the rodents or ferrets, and the embedded pheromones are safe and undetectable to people.