Cyber Turtles #31589

City Shapers Champion team
at the Wisconsin Championship

We are The Cyber Turtles, an FLL team made up of students from two schools in the Hamilton School District, in Sussex, WI. We won the 1st Place Champion’s Award at the Franklin Regional the, 2nd Place Champion’s at the Mukwonago Sectional, and the 1st Place Champion’s Award at the FLL Wisconsin State Tournament. One challenge our team faced this year was getting our robot to maneuver over the bridge without falling off. We solved this through continuous testing and teamwork.  

Our robot, Turtle Dude, can complete the missions: The Crane, Blocks, Bat, Architecture, Color Block Circles, Elevator, Safety Factor, Swing, and Bridge. With no attachments, and just one detachment, it can complete 9 missions in 2 runs. We can earn a maximum of 450 points in about 2 minutes and 15 seconds. 

We discovered that cigarette butts cause 30% of all fresh water pollution so we created a handheld product called Butts-4-Bucks that shreds and contains cigarette butts that would normally be thrown on the ground. We decided create an incentive program so that the butts could be recycled, and used to make plastic things, benches, and roads. That would help the environment and reduce pollution. Throughout the season, we drafted a patent, research existing solutions, developed an app, and much more!

We have multiple highlights of this season. One highlight was when we got to go to our first competition and it was really fun. When we received the Champion’s Award at State and were eligible to go to the World Festival, that was awesome. Because this is the first time our school has ever had an FLL team advance to worlds, we were super excited. We won the Champion’s Award for the first time in our school’s history at regionals and state, with a second place Champion’s Award at sectionals. Our robot finished in second place at sectionals and scored 450 points at state. Our team developed a working prototype and created a working marketing model for our prototype. Through becoming friends with our teammates we became a better team. Even though our season is over, and our schools have closed down, we still communicate on a daily basis.  

For core values, we have done several memorable things. We show core values with other FLL teams in the Hamilton Charger Robotics Program by sharing our ideas and helping the other teams, whether that be collaboration on projects or sharing strategies for the robot games. Our team has also developed a signature high five and have gone to Culver’s to celebrate after every competition. We have done a lot of core values challenges, such as a human knot, escape room, and beach towel activity. We did a core value activity almost every week! Our teamwork skills and time management skills have been enhanced by our time as a team.