City Samurai 2593

We are City Samurai, a 2nd-year team from Mequon.

  • At Regionals, we won the 2nd-place Champions Award and were nominated for the Core Values Award.
  • At Sectionals, we were nominated for Champions Award again.
  • At the Championship, we won the Programming Award, and were nominated for the Presentation Award.

Our year was capped with an invitation to the Japan international competition.

Our project was to prevent sewage overflow that pollutes Lake Michigan and our public beaches. To do that, we combined a green roof with a smart rain barrel to create a new system that captures runoff water and reuses it for irrigation.

Our robot, Sammy, crushes 8 missions with his programmable variable-speed extendable arm (XTEND-O-RM©). Sammy can score a max of 425 points with his 2-sensor proportional line follower.

Our team set goals this year and met them all. We…

  • Programmed a two-sensor proportional line follower
  • Designed a robot with a shifting center of gravity
  • Took field trips to Rockwell Automation and Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District for our research project
  • Built a working prototype for our project
  • Had fun together!