Tournaments & Events

We are very grateful to Rockwell Automation, whose contributions and volunteers have made this program feasible.

Tournament registration opens at 12 noon on Monday, 10/1 and will remain open until Monday, 10/15. Registration will be done through this website. Each tournament depends on the participation of about 100 volunteers. Every team should consider sending friends or family to help at the event. Contact with volunteer contact info.


Wisconsin FLL uses a three-tiered system of tournaments. Teams begin by signing up for Regionals. If they perform well and are deemed adequate to advance, they will be invited to attend a corresponding Sectional and notified as to how to proceed. This process repeats once again when moving from a Sectional to a Championship. If the judges at the Championship determine that a team has promise, rhere is a chance that the team can then be invited to attend an event at a Worldwide level.