Marquette University HS, Milwaukee, 11-12-17

Award Results

Judges Award

     Rising Star – Team 30862 Blockheads

Coach/Mentor Award

         Zach Godec Teams 33444 (Laabsters) and 30862 (Blockheads)


Project Awards

Research Award – Team 26255 MSOW

Innovative Solution – Team 31577 BRIKS – Building Robots Including Kool Solutions

Presentation – Team 8329 uv magicians


Robot Awards

Mechanical Design – Team 2591 The Italian Plumbers

Programming – Team 3458 B the Voice

Strategy & Innovation – Team 2645 Wilson Lego

Robot Performance – Team 8631 St. Peter’s Brickbusters


Core Values Awards

Inspiration – Team 33444 Laabsters

Teamwork – Team 11352 The Mind Blowers

Gracious Professionalism – Team 32147 Robots Incorporated



Team 8631 St. Peter’s Brickbusters


Advancing  In No Particular Order

8631 St. Peter’s Brickbusters

3458 B the Voice

2645 Wilson Lego

8329 uv magicians

32147 Robots Incorporated

11352 The Mind Blowers

2591 The Italian Plumbers

31577 BRIKS – Building Robots Including Kool Solutions



26255 MSOW

33444 Laabsters




Please note that FLL or FLL Jr Season Pass teams are NOT eligible to participate in an official event.


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