FIRST Wisconsin

Welcome to the cross-program homepage for FIRST programming in the state of Wisconsin. Here you can find information about the FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition.

FIRST programs and events are organized by several groups throughout Wisconsin. FLL and FTC are managed by Affiliate Partners: Organizations that represent FIRST in each state. In Wisconsin, the BadgerBOTS Education Center is the Affiliate Partner for FLL and UW-Milwaukee is the Affiliate Partner for FTC.

FRC is organized and run by the Regional Director, Regional Planning Committee, and the Executive Advisory Board.

The following descriptions are adapted from those at (document found here):

  • Regional Director has the responsibility for the success of the FIRST programs within Wisconsin. She is the senior FIRST contact with the local committees. Her role is to ensure the commonality across regions, share best practices, be the mentor and coach for new (and existing) committees, and help with team recruitment, PR, State and Government relations, etc. She are responsible for communications with the committees and the interpretation of the policies and procedures.
  • The executive advisory board (EAB) is responsible for strategic and financial support and for the promotion of all FIRST programs in Wisconsin. The Regional Director, Maggie Peterman,  recruits the advisory board members with support from the VP of Field Operations and the FIRST headquarters in Manchester, NH.
  • The Regional Planning Committee is responsible for organizing and executing the FRC event in Milwaukee in cooperation with FIRST. It is  also supports, connects with, and helps find funding for local teams.