Tournament Day

Be sure to bring:


Basic Tournament Schedule
Actual times will be different for each  individual tournament! Contact your tournament director for more details!

8:00 Begin Check in

Teams and guests trickle in, and set up their pit areas. Candy is traded, buttons are given out, coopertition at its best!

9:00-12:00 Team Interviews 

During this time, everyone will circulate around the pit area, viewing projects, showing off their robots, and practicing. Teams are called up to their three judges sessions throughout this period.

12:00-12:30 Opening Ceremony

Ever seen the Olympics? It’s like that, but 1,000 times more awesome.

12:30-3:45 Robot Competition  

4:00-4:30 Closing Ceremony

Teams are awarded, volunteers are recognized, and we close out the day with a bang!


Check out this video for a quick trip through the day.