FLL – Documents

This page contains all of the necessary documents used during a typical FLL season.

The Judging Information/Advancement Criteria contains links to FIRST’s judging FAQ and explains the advancement criteria.

The Particicpation Rules clearly explain what is and is not allowed in the context of FIRST LEGO League as well as the consequences should a team fail to follow them.

The Team Info Sheet  and  Team Info Sheet_FL005_Fillable is used to bring the general information about the team to the judges.

The Rubrics are necessary for understanding how well your team performs according to the judging.

The Challenge Letter can be used to calculate a team’s score during the actual robot game portion of the competition.

The Engineering Notebook is used to document and explain the robot’s programming to the judges.

The Field Setup Guide explains how to construct and set up the play field for this year’s challenge.

This year, Wisconsin will be participating in an Wisconsin FLL Pilot Message for the benefit of all of FLL. Please see the linked document for more details on what this means and how it may affect your team.

Robot Design Worksheet, this can be used to help your team describe their robot strategy during tournament judging.

Core Values Rubric 2018 PILOT , Since the FLL core values have changed we are piloted a new core values rubric.

We do not require a Core Values Poster for any of our events but going through the Core Values poster is a great way for your team to prepare for the Core Values Judging.  Updated for Pilot – Core Values Poster – Instructions for Teams PILOT – fillable box.