2016 Project Rubric Pilot

Our region is participating in a pilot of an updated Project rubric for the 2016 ANIMAL ALLIES season. We’ll be using a different Project from the ones you will find on FIRST LEGO League websites. The updated rubric has an increased focus on the process of developing the Project and includes the following changes:

  • The Sources of Information criteria now more clearly reflects the need for quality sources and a wide variety of sources. Teams must consult professionals in fields relating to their topic to be at the Accomplished or Exemplary levels.
  • The Review Existing Solutions criteria has been combined with Problem Analysis and Innovation. Teams are still expected to review and analyze existing solutions.
  • When teams are describing their Team Solution, they are now expected to describe how it solves the problem.
  • The new Solution Development criteria encompasses the previous Implementation criteria. Teams should explain how they developed the solution, considered and narrowed alternative solutions, evaluated and improved the solution they chose, and assessed feasibility and implementation factors.

While the update will shift what teams should share with Judges, we do not expect it to have much impact on the work teams are doing for the FIRST LEGO League Project. Teams who are working toward the Accomplished and Exemplary levels for Solution Development may choose to spend more designing their process than they did before, in order to ensure it is systematic and includes some type of evaluation or verification of their solution.

If you have questions about the updated rubric, contact your FIRST LEGO League Partner Lisa Bartig at fllteams@wi-first.org or email flljudge@firstinspires.org or fllprojects@firstinspires.org.

Here is the Project Rubric that the tournaments will be using:



Please note that FLL or FLL Jr Season Pass teams are NOT eligible to participate in an official event.


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