Appleton East High School, Appleton 11/4/17

Award Results

Judges’ Award                           Team 16308 Fierce Wolf Allies

Robot Design Awards

Mechanical Design Award           Team 23539 Explosive Energy

Programming Award                    Team  2245 Dam Builder

Strategy and Innovation Award        Team 2689 Lego Kings

Robot Performance Award          Team 2245 Dam Builder

Project Awards

Research Award                             Team 1665 Socks

Innovative Solution Award          Team 3813 Hydro Heroes

Presentation Award                       Team19171 Sewage Squad

Core Values Awards

Inspiration Award                         Team 1664 Water Savers

Teamwork Award                           Team 31282 FLL Water Warriors

Gracious Professionalism Award         Team 16771 Multiple Mindful Minions


Champion’s Award                         Team 27030 FVCA C3’s

Advancing Teams In No Particular Order

Team 16771 Multiple Mindful Minions

Team 23539 Explosive Energy

Team 19171 Sewage Squad

Team 2684 20,000 Legos Under the Sea

Team 3813 Hydro Heroes

Team 1665 Socks


Team 31282 FLL Water Warriors

Team 24353 Blue Team

Team 14053 Jacob Shapiro Brain Bots


Please note that FLL or FLL Jr Season Pass teams are NOT eligible to participate in an official event.


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